Bidang”, translated from the Malay origin word to mean “field”. It carries the meaning of the many fields of research. Bidang is a R2I (research-to-industry) marketplace where research solutions meet industry problems. It provides research visibility that the industry needs.

How do Industry use the marketplace

  1. Choose by field
  2. Click on the research you are interested in
  3. Watch the video for an overview
  4. Read the abstract
  5. Purchase the research
  6. Engage in consultation with the researcher
How do Researhers use the marketplace
 1. Choose by field
 2. Click on the problem statement you are interested in
 3. Purchase the RFP
 4. Submit an innovative solution proposal
 5. Register for Annovate for TRL assessment 


Email to hello.asiatech@asia.com to place your research or problem statement on Bidang.